Welcome to the eXcesS Capacity Marketplace

eXcesS Capacity is an online marketplace platform where businesses rent, sell and buy underutilized, resources, such as office space, machines, services and more. Sellers gain revenues from resources they own, Buyers gain access to those resources and Communities gain sustainability through collaborative consumption.

For example, a construction company owner (Seller) who owns idle equipment between projects, lists a wheel loader for rent on the eXcesS Capacity marketplace, a contractor (Buyer) searching for a wheel loader they want locates the owner’s listing, reviews the equipment specifications, corresponds by messaging the owner and via PayPal commits funds using a major credit card to rent the wheel loader from the owner agreeing to eXcesS Capacity’s rental terms and conditions. After the contractor returns the equipment to the owner, both the owner and the contractor post reviews and rate each other, which are made visible to other marketplace members.

Version 1.11 Updated 08/22/18