What is eXcesS Capacity?

eXcesS Capacity provides an online marketplace platform for businesses trading idle, or underutilized, resources such as office space, machines, services, etc.

“Excess capacity” is defined as the conditions where actual production is less than what is achievable or optimal for a business. It may include underutilized resources such as excess inventory, empty space, unoccupied seats, idle machines, unfilled production capacity, personnel, services, etc.

In the eXcesS Capacity marketplace Sellers list underutilized resources they want to rent or sell, Buyers search for resources they want, connect with Sellers, Buyers authorize payment to rent or purchase the resources, Sellers transfer resources to the Buyer and rate each other when either the rented resources are returned or the purchased resources are received. Sellers gain revenue, Buyers gain convenient access to resources they want, Communities gain through sustainability.

Version 1.05 Updated 05/05/17

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