Profile Template

Trust is essential to the integrity of a marketplace.

Your eXcesS Capacity profile should provide sufficient information about you and your business to gain the trust of prospective Buyers and Sellers in the marketplace.

For example, in addition to a supplier company listing these basic details

  • Company Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Website Address
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number

Alibaba’s Business-to-business ecommerce marketplace has its members list these details:

  • Business Type
  • Location
  • Main Products
  • Total Employees
  • Total Annual Revenue
  • Year Established
  • Top 3 Markets

This information is verified by Alibaba’s staff through contacts with the company, onsite visits, 3rd party certifications, etc.

Alibaba also provides details regarding the company’s

  • capacity in terms of trade and production
  • business performance via buyer interactions, ratings and reviews
  • transaction levels
  • and more

In addition to basic Seller company profile information, Amazon and eBay provide prospective Buyers valuable Seller ratings and reviews.

—Off Platform Transactions—

Some peer-to-peer marketplaces, such as Airbnb and Uber, do not want their members to post public profiles containing full names, phone number(s), email address, mailing address, etc. In fact, they have sophisticated software which edits text messages, masking phone numbers, email addresses, and more, between Buyers and Sellers on their platforms. Partly, this is justifiable due to privacy concerns. It is also an attempt to keep Buyers and Sellers from conducting their transactions off platform, which is also termed “leakage” or “grey market”.

At eXcesS Capacity we’re confident the value you receive from participating in our marketplace, interacting and sharing resources with members in the community, collaborating on projects, potentially forming new lines of business, sharing ideas on how to make your business more efficient, profitable and sustainable, and more is valuable to you. As our marketplace expands we’ll be bringing yet more value to you.

—Internal Messaging System—

The eXcesS Capacity marketplace has an internal messaging system which Buyers and Sellers may use to exchange communications. It serves to inform Buyers and Sellers of the status of a particular transaction and the communications they’ve had. Simply navigate to your inbox and click on a conversation to view the disposition status of your transaction in terms of workflow and its communications history. As an archive it also serves as a record for Buyers, Sellers and eXcesS Capacity Support to resolve issues should they arise.

We encourage Buyers and Sellers to fully utilize the internal messaging system to communicate when conducting marketplace transactions. Messages sent to you in the marketplace by marketplace members are forwarded to the email address(es) associated with your account.

Be aware that non-registered members visiting the eXcesS Capacity marketplace may view member profiles. Sellers, after a Buyer has contacted you via the internal messaging system, you have the option of sharing your other contact information such as phone number, email address, etc.

—Profile Template—

Following is a suggested profile template you may use when updating your profile page in the eXcesS Capacity marketplace. Copy and paste this profile template into the body of the “About you” entry field when updating your profile in the eXcesS Capacity marketplace. After you have copied and pasted the template, please update each —section— with your information and delete the text bounded by brackets “[” and “]”. You decide how much information you want to provide.

—Copy Profile Template Begin—


[One or more paragraphs introducing yourself, a description of your company, your role(s) at the company, etc.]

—Company Information—

[Company Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip]

[Website http://www.yourcompany???.com]


[All certifications you and/or your company have.

—Business Certifications

[Energy Star
ISO 9001:2015


—Professional Certifications

Six Sigma Black Belt]


—Social Media Links—









WordPress Blog






Version 1.00 Updated mm/dd/yy

—Template Version—


—Copy Profile Template End—

—Profile Photograph—

In addition to the “About you” description, upload a high quality photograph of yourself to make a positive impression.

—Profile Example—

Visit this link to view a profile example

—Vetting Member Profiles—

If you discover an eXcesS Capacity member profile that contains inaccurate or insufficient information, you may bring it to their attention by contacting them directly via the internal messaging system. If this does not resolve the issue, then you may contact eXcesS Capacity administration at the following link

by clicking on the “Contact Mark” button providing

1. the URL of the member’s profile

2. a description of the erroneous information

We will contact them to resolve the issue.

Please note the eXcesS Capacity administration and support team DOES NOT have the capability to edit and modify any member’s profile page.

Version 1.03 Updated 07/23/18

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