Elks Care, Elks Share Resources Online

In the March 2019 Elks magazine article titled, “Bricks and Clicks: Engaging Your Members and Community Online”, Elks members are encouraged to leverage online software applications to inform and promote local Elks Lodge events, to collect dues and donations and to recruit new members. This “bricks to clicks” cultural transition is essential in today’s connected world where increasingly people expect information about an organization, such as the Elks national organization and its local lodge, to be easily accessible via the Internet.

As an Inner Guard officer at Savannah Elks Lodge 183, I am aware of lodge resources, such as dining rooms, dance floors, kitchen facilities, catering services, bar area, bartending services, furniture, etc. which are underutilized. Creating awareness of these available resources and providing a trusted online environment where these resources may be rented or sold would prove invaluable to increasing income for the lodge and making others aware of what valuable resources the lodge offers the community.

My company eXcesS Capacity believes sharing resources is socially responsible, valuable to businesses and organizations, while imperative to a sustainable future. XSCapacity.net is an online business-to-business marketplace where businesses and organizations rent, sell and buy underutilized resources, such as dining space, kitchen equipment, catering services and more. Free to join and to post Seller listings, the marketplace provides two secure online payment gateways, PayPal and Stripe. Our administration fee is 10% paid by the Seller only when listed item rents or sells.

The eXcesS Capacity marketplace is the perfect place online to enable lodge administrators to list a lodge’s underutilized resources so other eXcesS Capacity marketplace members may inquire about their availability, request reservations, post payments, share resources, rate and review their experiences in a safe, secure, trusted online marketplace.

Savannah Elks Lodge 183 Grand Ballroom, Dance Floor, Event Space


Savannah Elks Lodge 183 Dining Room, Dance Floor with Bar Area Event Space


Click the following link to view all current Savannah Elks Lodge 183 eXcesS Capacity listings


Marketplace members may access these listings, review the specifications including photos and optional videos, contact the Lodge Administrator via the private, secure internal messaging system with details of their event, reserve the event space and pay the Lodge online via PayPal with their major credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa), their PayPal account or their venmo account. After the event, the marketplace member and the Lodge Administrator may rate and review their experience, helping to further build trust in the marketplace.

Informing others about these resources is easy. On any desktop or mobile device enter the address XSCapacity.net into your browser. Filter listings using any combination of the following

  • Click on the search icon and enter your search term(s) and location
  • Select Listing Type
  • Select Category and Subcategory
  • Select Custom Field(s) and Click the “Update view” button
  • Scroll through listings in Grid or List View
  • Click on individual listings in Map view

Clicking on the eXcesS Capacity logo in the upper left of the screen resets your selection criteria.

After clicking on a listing, scroll to the bottom of the listing and click on either the Facebook “share” button or the Twitter “Tweet” button. A pop-up screen similar to the one shown below allows you to post the listing to your social media account to share with others.


The eXcesS Capacity marketplace is available to any of the 1,928 Benevolent Protective Order of Elks Lodges in the United States. If you are an Elks Lodge representative, a business owner or a company representative, visit the link below to join the eXcesS Capacity marketplace for free and begin posting your free Seller listings.


The eXcesS Capacity marketplace is true to the Elks motto “Elks Care, Elks Share”.

If you are a business owner and want to list your company’s underutilized resources in the eXcesS Capacity marketplace, please contact Mark Bruemmer via phone 513.460.3995 or email at info@xscapacity.net.

About the Author

The author Mark Bruemmer is an Inner Guard and a member of the Savannah Elks Lodge 183 since 2014. His eCommerce company eXcesS Capacity founded in 2016 is based in Savannah, GA. More information about Mark and eXcesS Capacity is available at https://xscapacity.sharetribe.com/en/markb11


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