Elks Care, Elks Share Resources Online

In the March 2019 Elks magazine article titled, “Bricks and Clicks: Engaging Your Members and Community Online”, Elks members are encouraged to leverage online software applications to inform and promote local Elks Lodge events, to collect dues and donations and to recruit new members. This “bricks to clicks” cultural transition is essential in today’s connected … More Elks Care, Elks Share Resources Online

Payment Gateways

eXcesS Capacity provides Buyers and Sellers with 2 payment gateways PayPal and Stripe. Since venmo is an online payment service acquired by PayPal in 2014 Buyers may also submit payments via venmo. Which payment gateway a Seller provides prospective Buyers affects when the Seller is paid. If a Seller offers Buyers PayPal as a payment … More Payment Gateways

Profile Template

Trust is essential to the integrity of a marketplace. Your eXcesS Capacity profile should provide sufficient information about you and your business to gain the trust of prospective Buyers and Sellers in the marketplace. For example, in addition to a supplier company listing these basic details Company Name Mailing Address Website Address Email Address Telephone … More Profile Template


This is an example of how fees work in a typical Buyer/Seller transaction in the eXcesS Capacity marketplace. In the eXcesS Capacity marketplace fees are charged to the Seller only when the Seller accepts a payment authorized by the Buyer via PayPal for an item listed by the Seller for rent or for sale in … More Fees

What is eXcesS Capacity?

eXcesS Capacity provides an online marketplace platform for businesses trading idle, or underutilized, resources such as office space, machines, services, etc. “Excess capacity” is defined as the conditions where actual production is less than what is achievable or optimal for a business. It may include underutilized resources such as excess inventory, empty space, unoccupied seats, … More What is eXcesS Capacity?

Our Mission

Our world is rich in excess capacity, underutilized idle resources which are being wasted.   Our mission is to increase utilization of businesses existing resources. Via our marketplace platform Sellers gain revenues by renting or selling resources they own, Buyers gain access by renting or purchasing resources they want, Communities gain through collaborative consumption. Version … More Our Mission

Our Beliefs

We believe sharing resources is socially responsible, creates value for individuals, organizations and communities while imperative to a sustainable future. We believe sharing resources and related experiences builds camaraderie and trust. We believe sharing resources creates, nurtures and strengthens relationships within communities. We believe people and organizations have a wise choice in how they utilize … More Our Beliefs