eXcesS Capacity Referral Incentive

eXcesS Capacity provides a referral incentive to attract prospective members to join and to participate as Sellers and Buyers in the eXcesS Capacity marketplace.


A “Referrer” is an eXcesS Capacity member eligible to receive a referral incentive as described below.

a “Referee” is a prospective eXcesS Capacity member who

  • joins eXcesS Capacity
  • receives a Member ID


As a “Referrer”, to qualify for an eXcesS Capacity referral incentive you must

  • Join eXcesS Capacity.  It is free to join.
  • Submit your business credentials to the eXcesS Capacity Administrator via the “eXcesS Capacity Business Verification Form” and have them approved.  If approved, you receive a Member ID.
  • Post at least 1 active Seller listing, which is free to post, in the eXcesS Capacity marketplace.


In the eXcesS Capacity marketplace, a Referrer receives
. 1/2% of a Referee’s total sales revenue as a Seller.
. 1/2% of a Referee’s total spend as a Buyer.

Incentive awards are tallied for the prior month and paid out to Referrers in the current month.

—Referral Invitation Process—

To refer others to join the eXcesS Capacity marketplace, access the “Invite new users” form, enter their email address(es), copy and paste a text message including your Member ID into the “personal message” entry field, then click the “Send invitation” button.

Visit the section “C. Business Verification and Referrals” at http://HowItWorks.xscapacity.net for more details on the text message to send and a link to the “Invite new users” form.

Your Referee is linked to you as their Referrer when they enter your Member ID in the eXcesS Capacity Business Verification Form as the person who referred them.

Version 1.01 Updated 03/06/20



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